Bondi is the best place on Earth. Why wouldn’t you want to take it everywhere with you?

We Know Bondi…

Bondi Local is developed and made in Bondi, so we understand the hype, and believe us it is as good as they say. So we’ve come up with a way to share our paradise with you, each scent that we’ve developed is inspired by part of the Bondi area and lifestyle. 

Size Matters…

Bondi Local is much smaller than your run of the mill cologne, keep it in your back pocket for when you need to impress on a moment’s notice, chuck it in your bag for work or play. Just for an extra bonus its completely travel safe.

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How do you use it?

Bondi Local’s solid cologne is designed to be smaller and more convenient than other colognes. To use it simply rub your thumb or finger in the wax and then transfer it to your pulse points (Wrists, Neck, and Behind the Ear).