Why Solid Cologne?

Bondi is the best place on Earth. Why wouldn’t you want to take it everywhere with you?


We Know Bondi…

The team at Bondi local are all Bondi born and raised so we understand the hype, and believe us it is as good as they say.

Bondi Local is developed and made right here in Bondi, we wanted to make a range of colognes that suits every style. Bondi Local is our way of sharing our paradise with you, each scent is inspired by our favourite parts of the Bondi area and lifestyle.

Its Not About the Size… (but it is)

Each pocket sized bar of Bondi Local is about 5x smaller than your run of the mill cologne. 

Unlike liquid colognes Bondi Local is there when you need it, keep it in your back pocket for when you need to impress on a moment’s notice, or chuck it in your bag for work and play. And just for an added bonus its completely travel safe. 

Shop our range

There’s no nasty surprises or cheap fillers in our colognes, every bar of Bondi local is a handmade blend of natural oils and waxes. We want to make sure the oceans and air stay as clean as possible so we’ve made all of our packaging easily recyclable, now it’s just up to you to put it in the right bin when your next bar arrives. 

How do you use it?

Each of our colognes is designed to be a highly concentrated bar so don’t go mental when you put it on. To use it simply rub your thumb or finger in the wax and then transfer the wax onto your pulse points (Wrists, Neck, and Behind the Ear). 

There’s not need to scoop chunks of Bondi Local onto your skin (although it does smell that good). If you want to ramp up the smell just swipe a rub an extra layer or two on your pulse points.